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Limited Resources, Growing Needs


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“CITY helped me with getting a job and finding resources that have helped me prepare for fatherhood.”
- Robert L.

Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have provided hope and help for more than 29,000 children and their families. The need for our services continues to grow, and our ability to successfully meet this increasing demand is limited by our current facilities.

  • Every two hours, we admit a child into one of our 17 nationally accredited programs.
  • On any given day, we work with 550 of our region’s most vulnerable and at-risk children.
  • Each year, we admit more than 4,000 children into one of our 17 programs on campus and in the community — the equivalent of one child out of every school classroom in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.
  • We are able to admit only one out of every 10 children/youth referred to our Residential Treatment Program. All of our programs are at capacity and most having a wait list
  • Substance abuse is a factor in three quarters of all foster care placements, and foster youth exhibit significantly higher rates of illegal drug use than those who have never been in foster care — leading to an urgent need for substance abuse services and programs. Currently, there is not a residential substance abuse treatment center for youth on the Central Coast, creating a severe shortage of needed resources in our community.
  • Our health clinic receives more than 2,000 visits each year.



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