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Away From Phase One Goal
Phase One Goal

New hope for young drug abusers

December 12, 2016

Editorial: New hope for young drug abusers. A statewide survey two years ago found that about a third of Ventura County ninth-graders had tried alcohol at some point in their lives — a depressing but not surprising number. More shocking was the 6 percent of Ventura County ninth-graders who said they had used heroin, and 13 percent who had abused painkillers, tranquilizers or sedatives. READ MORE

Quick Facts

The numbers behind our need to expand


17 Essential Programs

We operate 17 nationally accredited programs, all with a goal of keeping children and families together and thriving.

One Child Every Two Hours

Every two hours, a child is admitted into one of our programs.

4,000 Children Each Year

Each year, we admit more than 4,000 children into one of our 17 programs on campus and in the community — the equivalent of one child out of every school classroom in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Remarkable Success Rate

More than 85% of the children and youth we serve meet their treatment goals, and 92% of families who have participated in our services would recommend Casa Pacifica to others.

Going Further

Substance abuse is a factor in three quarters of all foster care placements, and foster youth exhibit significantly higher rates of illegal drug use than those who have never been in foster care. Currently, there is not a residential substance abuse treatment center on the Central Coast, creating a severe shortage of needed resources for youth in our community. Our expansion will allow us to provide services, support and new foundations of hope for youth facing this struggle.

550 Lives Affected Every Day

On any given day, we work with 550 of our region’s most vulnerable and at-risk children.

2,000 Visits Each Year

Our health clinic receives more than 2,000 visits each year.

What people say

Barbara Meister
As an elementary school teacher, I was aware of the dire need for a home for abused, abandoned and neglected at-risk children. When asked if I would serve on the organizing board for Casa Pacifica, I did not hesitate to become involved in such a worthwhile project. I am very proud to be associated with this wonderful group of dedicated, caring, hard-working individuals who are truly interested in the welfare of Ventura County’s at-risk children who so desperately need our help.
Steve Elson Ph.D.
We meet children and families at the most challenging time of their lives. The needs have outgrown campus resources, and buildings and equipment require an upgrade and expansion. We are committed to continuing to care for and treat our region’s more vulnerable children with state-of-the-art services. Consequently, we are undertaking the largest and most important project since we opened.
Sean Baker
For me, this is an opportunity to pay it forward. Casa Pacifica changes lives for those who need a positive direction.
Dan Selleck
Our entire community benefits when we take care of our most vulnerable children.